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中止的. “suspend”中文翻譯 vt. 1.吊起,懸掛。. 2.停止;使停職,使停學;除名 “cable-suspended”中文翻譯 懸掛式點積采樣器. “play is suspended”中文翻譯 比賽暫停. “point suspended”中文翻譯 單點懸掛. “risk suspended”中文翻譯 未肯定的危險. “spring suspended”中文翻譯 彈簧懸吊. “suspended absorber”中文翻譯 空間吸聲體; 懸吊吸聲體; 懸掛吸收器.

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A lamp was suspended from the ceiling. 一 盞 吊燈 懸 在 天花板上。 《牛津詞典》 Trading on the stock exchange may be suspended. 股票 交易 可能 被 暫停。 《柯林斯英漢雙解大詞典》 The judge gave him a nine-month suspended sentence. 法官 判處 他

Suspended 廢除、取消、停止、剔除、封號; 暫停交易; 暫停; 中止的;

suspension的中文意思:[ səs’penʃən ] n.1.懸吊,懸掛;,查閱suspension的詳細中文翻譯、發音、用法和例句等。 suspension中文_suspension是什么意思 繁體版 English Hindi 日本語 Definition

suspension翻譯:停止, 暫停,中止, (作為處罰的)暫令停職;暫令停學;暫令停止活動, 車輛, (車輛的)懸架,減震裝置, 液體, 懸浮液。 了解更多。 詞典

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天花板上吊著 盞燈。. 5. The lamp was suspended from the ceiling. 燈吊在天花板上。. 6. Sandbag, wooden dummy, tripodic dummy, suspended spring, etc. 沙袋,木人樁,三腳樁(沒聽說過),懸簧(不知是啥),等等。. 7. The spider hung suspended on its slender thread.

2.These guardians shall work through the global dream for humanity suspended by earth. 這些守護者將透過地球所持的全球人類夢想而工作。 3.In Germany, despite parliamentary approval, the constitutional court has suspended ratification.

英英解釋. n. 1. a mixture in which fine particles are suspended in a fluid where they are supported by buoyancy. 2. a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something. 3. temporary cessation or suspension. 4. an interruption in the intensity or amount of something. 5. a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers

The athlete could face a lengthy period of suspension if found guilty. 如果被判有罪,這名運動員可能面臨長期停賽。. 7. Not hirable according to the law or still on suspension from work. (三)依法停止任用,或受休職處分尚未期滿,或因案停止職務,其原因尚未消滅者。. 8. They underwent


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suspended的解釋是:1暫停的,緩期的(宣判) 2懸 同時,該頁為英語學習者提供:suspended的中文翻譯、英英詳解、單詞音標、在線發音、例句等。


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suspension splint 懸吊夾 ; 翻譯 dispersed suspension 分散懸浮液 ; 分散懸浮物 ; 分散懸濁液 [1] suspension 雙語例句 編輯 語音 In his suspension, he was the Son of God, yet not in heaven. 他被懸掛在天地之間,他是神的兒子,卻不在天上

Suspended solids. abstract: Suspended solids refers to small solid particles which remain in suspension in water as a colloid or due to the motion of the water. It is used as one indicator of water quality. 以上來源于: WordNet. 相關文章.

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中止的. “suspend”中文翻譯 vt. 1.吊起,懸掛。. 2.停止;使停職,使…


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